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By using my website, or my art API, you agree to the following terms and conditions listed here. Should you disagree with the terms and conditions, in whole or in part - please immediately cease any and all use of our services, or API's immediately.


Our service offering allows for public viewing of my art or providing my portfolio's data via API's - using only your device or desktop browser under your manual control, or a tool that may contact our API with written permission only.  No other automated tool or access method is permitted. You also agree to not trace, log, disassemble, hack, sniff or perform any other activity not expressly granted to you against any of our tools, api's, cloud servers or services. Should we detect any of this type of activity, you acknowledge that we may suspend activity without further notice, refund or notification, and at our sole discretion - including taking legal action against you.

Reliability Statement

Although I use some pretty technically advanced cloud stuff - I can't guarantee my site's going to be 100% available.  I extend no warranty of

Your Usage limits

We may prevent high-usage clients to ensure reliable operation.  If you've been rejected - slow your usage down, will ya?


Other than expressed herein, we don't make any warranty about the art other than that it is what it is.  Prices and data may change from time to time.

TOC Updates, Modifications or Changes

These terms and conditions may be updated from time to time without advanced warning or notification. If you have any questions about the changes to our terms and conditions, please contact us at:

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